About Sims IVF

Our aim is to put a baby in your arms.

Sims IVF is the leading provider of fertility treatment to couples in Ireland since 1997.  Our aim now, as it was then, is to help you to conceive and experience the joy of having a family. 
We are at the forefront of reproductive medicine and were the first to introduce gamete donation to Ireland in 2002 using egg or sperm donors.  We have since built up a wealth of experience in gamete donation and continue to expand the services we offer.
Due to a continued shortage of suitable egg donors in Ireland, in 2005 we introduced our Egg Donation Select Programme in partnership with Intersono IVF Clinic, Ukraine. 
In 2013 we introduced the Simply Egg Donation Programme.  This is a low cost egg donation plan in partnership with Sanatorium Repromeda in Czech Republic.   
The face of egg donation in Ireland is changing.  There is increasing emphasis on choosing a donor who can be identifiable to any children resulting from the egg donation treatment.  In recognition of this, in 2015 we established the Identifiable Egg Donation Programme in partnership with Intersono IVF Clinic.
The Clinical Pregnancy Rate (CPR) from our Egg Donation programmes is over 60%.  
Both Sims IVF and our Egg Donation programmes are fully licensed by the Irish Medicines Board.   
To find out if egg donation is the most appropriate option to help you to conceive, book an appointment with one of our medical consultants today.

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