About Sims IVF

Our aim is to put a baby in your arms

Sims IVF is the leading provider of fertility treatment to couples in Ireland. Our aim is to help you to conceive and experience the joy of having a family.

We are the recognised leaders in reproductive medicine in Ireland, with a wealth of experience in gamete donation developed over 15 years.

World-class doctors, facilities, and results

Our doctors are at the forefront of IVF technology and enjoy a close association with world-leading IVF clinics overseas as well as with Rotunda IVF, another respected leader in fertility treatment in Ireland

Patient Care

Sims is committed to providing you with the best quality care during your treatment. In addition to the physical requirements, we are conscious of the psychological and emotional stresses that can be associated with fertility treatment. 

All of our doctors have a wealth of experience in gamete donation and will help you to determine if egg donation is the best course of treatment for you. In addition, our dedicated and experienced egg donation team is on hand to guide and support you through each stage of treatment. Finally, our fertility counsellors have a deep understanding of the complex issues involved, and provide a range of counselling services and supports.

Success rates

We are proud of our world-class success rate. More than 60% of our embryo transfers lead to a positive pregnancy result. Many of the couples who have successful outcomes have come to us after exhausting other fertility options, and sometimes even after unsuccessful egg donation treatment elsewhere.

Our track record of innovation and leadership 

In 2002 we introduced gamete donation to Ireland

In 2005, in response to a continued shortage of available donors in Ireland, we introduced our first international egg donation programme, in partnership with Intersono IVF Clinic.

In 2013 we pioneered low-cost egg donation in Ireland when we introduced our Simply Egg Donation Programme, in partnership with Santorium Repromeda.

In 2015 we recognised the increasing emphasis on choosing a donor who can be identifiable to children conceived from the egg donation treatment (when they reach adulthood), and we introduced our first Identifiable donor programme.

In 2017 we brought no-travel egg donation to Munster when we began offering our full egg donation services in Sims IVF Cork. 

In 2017 we introduced Simply Key ID, a much more affordable, new state of the art option for identifiable egg donation.

Our partner clinics

We partner with Intersono IVF clinic in Ukraine, and Sanatorium Repromeda in Czech Republic. Both of our partner clinics have outstanding track records, highly qualified medical specialists and sophisticated best-in-class treatment facilities. 

Why Eastern Europe?

In Ireland, there is an ongoing shortage of egg donors, with the numbers seeking donors far greater than the number of donors available. However in much of Eastern Europe the reverse is true, as women tend to have their families at a younger age, and are therefore in a position to consider donating eggs.

Fully licenced

Both Sims IVF and our Egg Donation programmes are fully licensed by the Irish Medicines Board.